Lancaster County PA Realty Check: Burning Bridge Antiques Market, Columbia PA

Burning Bridge Antiques Market, Columbia PA

Burning Bridge Antiques Market, Columbia PA:

For over 100 years, Herr's Hardware Store stood on the corner of North Third and Walnut Streets in Columbia, PA.  When Herr's closed its doors a few years ago, it was hoped that the whatever new use was found for the building, its unique architectural features would be preserved. 

Burning Bridge Antiques Market

And indeed they have been!  Burning Bridge Antiques Market is one of the finest dealer cooperative antiques markets in Lancaster County.  The ornate pressed tin ceilings have been preserved, as has the original antique elevator that runs from the basement to the second floor.  The 24,000 square foot market houses 70 dealer booths and 120 showcases display quality antiques and collectibles of all periods.

                    Burning Bridge Antiques Market

The hardwood floors, limestone walls, chestnut millwork and wonderful windows have all been preserved.  There is a full-time sales staff to assist you, and the market has climate control and clean rest rooms.  Burning Bridge Antiques Market is open every day:  Monday through Wednesday 10-5, Thursday and Friday 10-8, Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 12-5.

Burning Bridge Antiques Market


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